Podiatric Foot & Ankle Surgery

Foot, ankle & lower extremity conditions we treat.

PODIATRISTS ARE LIKE THE FAMILY PRACTITIONER’S OF THE LOWER EXTREMITY, WE TREAT EVERY SYSTEM IN THE BODY AS THEY ALL AFFECT THE LEGS AND FEET…. issues like; Orthopedic, Biomechanical, Vascular, Rheumatologic, Dermatologic, we do surgery, we order and read every type of imaging modality, we take care of wounds and help improve gait with shoes, braces, and orthotics, there is nothing we can not treat in the foot and ankle
Our goal is a happy and healthy patient.

Although Dr. Schoene and Dr. Smielewski stress quality conservative care for foot and ankle conditions, they do recommend surgery when it will provide the best resolution for your individual condition.

Surgery will correct the abnormal alignment of the toe for bunion deformities or can remove an unknown mole or lesion. Our office staff and doctors will discuss the process in order to schedule surgery.

Conservative care will be discussed and attempted, and if surgery is the solution then our office staff will check insurance benefits and help you with all scheduling procedures.

Dr. Schoene & Dr. Smielewski are on staff at:

  • Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital - Lake Forest, IL
  • Hawthorn Surgery Center - Vernon Hills, IL
  • Advanced Ambulatory Surgical Center - Chicago, IL
  • North Shore Surgical Center - Lincolnwood, IL
  • River North Surgical Center - Chicago, IL
  • Vista Medical Center East - Waukegan, IL
  • Vista Surgery Center - Lindenhurst, IL
Minor in-office Procedures:

  • Nail procedures of all kinds
  • Biopsy procedures for suspicious lesions and moles
  • Wart excisions & Cryotherapy
  • Mole removal with suture closure
Podiatric Surgical Correction Can Be Performed On:

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Neuromas
  • Metatarsal conditions
  • Ganglion cysts and other soft tissue lesions
  • Bone spurs
  • Tendon and ligament injuries and tears
  • Arthritic
  • Conditions and spurs
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Dermatology conditions: warts, skin lesions and nails conditions requiring anesthesia

"Dr.Schoene spent a lot of time with me. In this day and age that is rare. She is great! I thought I was looking at surgery but with exercise and massage -no! Fixed me right up... maybe in future, but not no- VERY HAPPY-"

- M.Z.

She always keeps in mind the movements of each sport and incorporates that into the treatment plan.