Podiatric & Physical Therapy Supplies in Chicago, IL

We have a variety of products to make your feet feel better

Physical Therapy Supplies, Orthotics, & More

Ankle Braces

Ace Wrap

Ankle Sleeves

Arch Binders


Heel Cups 

Hot & Cold Packs 

Foam Rollers

Foot Roller

Kinesio Tape

Night Splints

Patellar Straps

Portable Ultrasound Machines 

Shower Post Op Boot 

Silipos Products

Stability / Trilock Braces

Surgical Shoes

Tens Units  

Therabands / Versa Loops

Toe Combs (2 types)

Various Gel Toe Spacers, Sleeves/Splints

Prefabricated Orthotics 

Side Kicks 

Super Feet Insoles 

Anti-Shock Insoles 

Dress Prefabricated Devices

Redi Orthotics 

Pediatric Prefabricated Orthotics 

Compression Stockings 

BOOST Athletic Compression 

THERAFIRM Stockings 

Core Spun Stockings 

Dermatologic Products & Creams

Betadine Ointment 

Biofreeze Gel / Spray

CBD Cream

Fortinia (Antifungal) Cream 

Hydro-Curtis Cream

42% Urea Cream 

Fungal Nail Products / Clear Nails Pro+

47% Urea Nail Gel

Scar Cream

Silvadene Cream

Salicylic Acid

Wart Kits 

Pedicure Kits

Pumice Stones / Files / Brushes 

Triple Antibiotic Cream

Traumeel Cream

Zeel Cream 

Zinc Oxide Ointment

Shoe Brands

Anodyne Shoes/Slippers 

Apex/Aetrex Shoes/Sneakers/Boots

Orthofeet Shoes/Boots/Slippers

PowerStep Sandals 

Revere Shoes/Sandals/Boots

Vionic  Slippers/Sandals


Nail Care Products

Dr.'s Remedy's Natural Nail Polishes

Cuticle Oils 

Natural Polish Remover 

Pedicure Kits

Pumice Stones/File/Brushes

Urea Nail Gels

Antifungal Nail Products 

Wart Kits

Diabetic Products

Anti Shock Insoles 

Diabetic Custom & Semi Custom Insoles 

Extra Wide Socks 

Ulcer Care Products, Boots, Insoles 

Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Shoes

She always keeps in mind the movements of each sport and incorporates that into the treatment plan.