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We offer various holistic treatments, products and services to compliment our traditional protocols

"I really appreciated the caring detailed approach Dr. Schoene took in assessing my situation. I felt like she really listened to my concerns and made additional referrals. All the staff was very helpful and friendly."

- T.A.

INSURANCEOur office will submit a claim to your insurance company for any services rendered. When your insurance contracts with our office, they are legally obligated to pay our office in a timely manner. After 90 days, if the claim is not paid to our office after proper billing procedures have been followed, the balance becomes your responsibility. Our office participates with many insurance plans, network participation by our office does not mean services are covered by your plan. It is the member's responsibility to understand your insurance benefits; all co-insurance amounts, deductibles, non-covered items and co-pays are always your responsibility. Please note, for certain members, your health plan will begin issuing payment once your deductible has been met. Unless your insurance pays at 100% you will be responsible for any remaining co-insurance applied by your plan. We are required to bill you for any amounts deemed patient responsibility and nothing else. All pre-authorizations, referrals and/or second opinions are your responsibility to obtain. You are responsible to update our office with any changes to your current policy.
When you schedule an appointment, please download all the patient forms