Holistic Podiatry & Sports Medicine in Chicago, Illinois

We offer various holistic treatments, products and services to compliment our traditional protocols

We want our patients to be well-informed about their conditions and treatment decisions. Discussion and education about the root cause of the patient's diagnosis will help to prevent future reoccurrence.

Our goal is a happy and healthy patient.

Since Dr. Schoene promotes many integrative therapies, the plan may also include, acupuncture, nutritional testing and supplements, homeopathic and essential oil treatments.

Most patients do very well with this holistic well-rounded approach, as it accelerates the healing time for optimal results, which is always the end goal with all her runners.

Our office supplies and sells many sports medicine products, like compression socks, Therabands, sports creams etc. to help the runner and athlete get back to performance quickly, and to enhance the other treatments for recovery.

Holistic and alternative therapies are becoming more accepted by many patient populations. For many patients, the traditional therapies may not improve the condition or symptoms quickly or complete enough, and alternative therapies are a nice addition to traditional therapies, to complete the care. It is our office’s passion to deliver these most contemporary and cutting edge treatments and therapies.

We strive to keep up with all cutting edge medical, surgical, and rehabilitation treatments, as well as cutting edge “true” alternative therapies. Dr. Schoene has been utilizing, lecturing, writing and teaching all of these techniques and modalities for many years.

For many conditions and problems, we can combine traditional treatments and incorporate other alternative therapies, which work well together.

Our office offers new treatments for the general Podiatric, Orthopedic and Rehabilitative patient.

  • Laser therapy; class IV laser Physical Therapy treatments to improve collagen and tissue repair at an accelerated rate.
  • Kinesiotaping techniques, utilized for all types of therapy needs. Hyaluronic acid joint infections to stimulate cartridge repair.
  • Needling/Prolotherapy techniques for repair of damaged soft tissues
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for muscle, tendon ligament injuries, tears, and ulcer repair.
  • Hyaluronic (gel) acid joint injections to stimulate cartilage production.
  • Growth factor injection products to stimulate collagen repair.
  • Acupuncture techniques for the lower extremity.
  • Homeopathic medications, topical, injectable, or oral applications.
  • Intracellular nutritional testing for improved health and wellness
  • Chiropractic care available through our referral network.
  • Essential Oils whether you’re applying essential oils topically, enjoying the aromatic benefits through diffusing, or taking essential oils internally, the positive, healthful effects of essential oils are boundless.
  • Various supplements can be used for nutritional deficiencies.
  • We carry Metagenics & Xymogen supplement products.
She always keeps in mind the movements of each sport and incorporates that into the treatment plan.

Using a combination of holistic, traditional, and new emerging treatments will help our patients to recover quickly and conservatively.

"I really appreciated the caring detailed approach Dr. Schoene took in assessing my situation. I felt like she really listened to my concerns and made additional referrals. All the staff was very helpful and friendly."

- T.A.

At Gurnee Podiatry & Sports Medicine Associates, we believe in taking a natural approach to orthopedic and podiatric medicine whenever possible. Even when it comes to painful conditions, healing often begins from the inside out, so we practice holistic medicine and treatment plans. This requires patients to adhere to holistic treatment methods by paying attention to their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By following our lifestyle and diet changes, many of our patients have returned to a pain-free lifestyle.

What Is Holistic Medicine?

Before you consider holistic medicine as your treatment plan, you should have a thorough understanding of what it entails. As a form of healing that considers the entire body, holistic medicine strives to give you optimal health and wellness. It affects the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Practitioners believe the body is interdependent, and if one area isn't working properly, it affects other parts. So, if you have a physical, spiritual, or emotional imbalance, your health is negatively affected.

A few of the principles of holistic medicine include the following:

  • Everyone has innate healing powers.
  • Patients are people and not diseases.
  • The patient and doctor must address every aspect of the person's life and employ several healthcare practices.
  • The treatment plan involves fixing the condition and not simply alleviating the symptoms.

The overall goal is to achieve optimal health and gain a proper balance in life. Dr. Schoene practices holistic medicine to not only alleviate symptoms but to also treat underlying conditions. She combines holistic medicine with conventional methods, such as medication and surgery, to provide the most thorough treatment plan. 

What Are Holistic Medical Procedures?

Holistic and alternative therapies are becoming more common among patients and practitioners. For many patients, conventional medicine and practices might not improve their condition quickly or properly. They turn to alternative medical procedures as another way to complete the care. Our office strives to offer the most contemporary and cutting-edge treatments and therapies through some of the following procedures:

Shockwave Treatments

Shockwave therapy, also referred to as Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology, is a non-invasive and clinically proven technology treatment option for dealing with pain. It's been used to successfully treat foot and heal pain, Achilles tendinitis, tendon insertion pain, trigger points, and non-healing fractures. With this therapy, patients don’t experience scarring. They also don’t need anesthesia, and there is no risk of infection. 

We administer the FDA-approved DuoLith SD1 TT to assist with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. If you opt for this treatment plan, you'll visit our Lake County office for three weekly sessions and experience less downtime and reduced risk compared to other conventional medical plans. We are one of the few therapy centers in the area that offers shockwave treatment to our patients.

Nutritional Testing

The nutritional integrity of our patients is almost as important as their emotional, physical, and mental health, and Dr. Schoene knows that healing takes place inside and out. When a patient is deficient in vitamins and minerals, it can prevent recovery from a chronic injury.

Dr. Schoene evaluates your health history, including your lifestyle choices, diet, and supplements. She also administers a physical exam and discusses the results with you at your appointment. Many conditions can improve simply by changing your sleeping habits, watching your diet, adding exercise, and reducing stress. The office also offers complete regular and intracellular nutritional testing to assess vitamin and mineral levels in your body.

Holistic Medicine and Regenerative Treatments

Many homeopathic medications have healing capabilities for a variety of ailments, including those that affect inflammatory pathways. Several medicine and treatment options include the following:

  • Prolotherapy and needling to repair soft tissue damage.
  • Acupuncture for the lower extremities.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections to stimulate cartilage production in joints.
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections to repair ulcers, muscles, tendon ligament injuries, and tears.
  • Class IV laser therapy to promote tissue repair and improve collagen.
  • Kinesio Taping to support weak zones and muscles.
  • Growth factor injections to stimulate collagen repair.
  • Supplements, such as Metagenics and Zymogen, along with sports creams, compression socks, and THERABAND to enhance recovery time.

Holistic Medical Products Used

To support these holistic treatment plans, Dr. Schoene uses various holistic medical products and regenerative treatments to encourage healing. Below are a few examples of those procedures and substances:

  • Acupuncture: This reduces aches and pains associated with acute and chronic injuries. It encourages your body to heal by activating the neurohormonal pathway.
  • Hyaluronic acid: This naturally produced substance helps keep your cartilage healthy. You typically receive an injection in your ankle and foot joints to keep the cartilage lubricated.
  • Traumeel: This medication is best for musculoskeletal conditions and is safe for most patients. You can take this inflammation-regulating drug orally or topically, or a medical professional can give it to patients as an injection.

What About Essential Oils?

Another way to take care of your health involves essential oils. These natural products, which feature safe and pure ingredients, offer numerous health benefits. You can find their volatile aromatic compounds in seeds, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of the plant. Those compounds provide the plants with protection against predators and assist with pollination.

You can apply the oils topically, take them internally, or diffuse them for aromatic benefits. Some oils provide calming effects, while others can stimulate you. Certain oils can also help with inflammation, arthritis pain, and anxiety you might experience before surgery. However, it's important to be under the supervision of a professional because some offer unwanted side effects.

To learn more about holistic sports medicine and podiatry, contact Dr. Schoene at Gurnee Podiatry & Sports Medicine Associates directly. During your consultation, Dr. Schoene will consider your lifestyle and the type of sports you participate in to develop a plan that works best for you. She will explore treatment options, including orthopedic treatments and holistic podiatry, to help you get back to the pain-free life that you're accustomed to. By using a combination of conventional, holistic, and emerging treatments, she can help you recover quickly.

She always keeps in mind the movements of each sport and incorporates that into the treatment plan.