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baby feet in a white blanket

What is Amniotic Band Syndrome?

Amniotic band syndrome, or ABS, happens with the lining of the amniotic

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person holding black stiletto heels

Common Toe Deformities You Should Know

Your feet are incredibly complex structures that contain one-quarter of all the

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a person with Calcaneonavicular Coalation

Calcaneonavicular Coalation

Calcaneonavicular coalition or tarsal coalition is a condition that mainly affects children

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men's flip flops stuck in a sandy beach

The Best Sandals for Flat Feet 2021

If you have flat feet, it means that your arches touch the

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leaf convered walking trail with a wooden fence and trees

Top 5 Walking Trails in Gurnee

Gurnee, Illinois, is a small town, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t

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man in a green polo doing nail care in a doctor's office

Plantar Wart vs Corn: What’s the Difference?

You probably know that plantar warts and corns can be unsightly. Although

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an illustration of overpronated feet

What is the difference between Overpronation and Underpronation?

Overpronation or underpronation usually refers to running, but anyone who walks pronates. Pronation

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Black and white photo of a ballet dancer on pointe

What Are Sickled Feet?

Dancing is an elegant sport, with the beautiful flow of the dancer

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person walking through the grass in adidas sneakers

How To Care for a Diabetic Foot Wound

In 2018, an estimated 34.2 million people in the United States had

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bottom of some's feet with a callus

Callus vs. Wart: What’s the Difference?

What can you do if you have a troublesome growth on your

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sunburnt feet on a white towel

How to Treat Sunburnt Feet

Summer has arrived, which means many of us will be heading to

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Doctor showing an X-ray of a foot

Should I See a Podiatrist or Orthopedist?

As Dr. Schoene always says “Podiatrists are like the family practitioner of

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Dancer on Point in Red Dress

Physical Therapy for Dancers

Dancing may seem like a graceful, effortless sport, but it’s really one

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dr scheone logo dance

Dance Companies in Chicago Area

The Chicago metropolitan area, or Chicagoland as the locals call it, has

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applying blue KT tape to shoulder

How Does KT Tape Work?

As an athlete, you depend on your body to perform at peak

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