Our Podiatry Practices in Gurnee and Chicago, IL

Dr. Lisa M. Schoene has worked with many athletes for over 25 years, so she takes a special interest in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Dr. Schoene has been practicing in Lake County and Chicago for over 30 years. The practice has grown into a well-rounded conservative Podiatric practice with emphasis on excellent patient care, with very talented and caring medical and office staff.

The practice grew from one patient, one doctor and one staff member to a holistic center with Podiatric associates, Physical Therapists, Massage therapists, a Nail technician, Chiropractor, Nurse, medical assistant, and Podiatric medical students.

We treat our patients with a variety to treatment options and modalities to fit all types of conditions and patient needs. Our patients have helped us grow over the years and we are proud to continue the tradition for many more years to come.

She always keeps in mind the movements of each sport and incorporates that into the treatment plan.

"Dr.Schoene was not only thorough, but expressed an evident interest in my foot issues. I can tell Dr.Schoene loves what she does which makes me confident in her care"

- A.C.

Dr. Bruce Bever

Dr. Bruce Bever, DPM is a surgically trained foot and ankle surgeon in Chicago, Illinois. Through the course of his residency training, Dr Bever gained experience in the latest treatments for forefoot and rearfoot surgical procedures, clinical biomechanics, sports medicine, and cutting-edge nerve and soft tissue pain resolution.

Dr. Bever was raised on a small island on the west coast of FL, and he credits his upbringing near the ocean and sand to his mild demeanor. He was a professional photographer prior to returning to healthcare in 2011. Dr Bever completed his undergraduate education at Rochester Institute of Technology, in New York; post baccalaureate course work at National University of Health Sciences, outside of Chicago; and completed his Doctor of Podiatric medicine degree at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. He went on to complete a 3-year residency program at Amita St Joseph Hospital of Chicago. While in residency Dr Bever completed rotations in specialties including Orthopedic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, and Podiatric Microsurgery and Limb Salvage.

Dr. Bever has co-authored several research articles under Dr Edgard Rodriguez, DPM and has been published in the International Journal of Orthoplastic Surgery.

She always keeps in mind the movements of each sport and incorporates that into the treatment plan.
We want our patients to be well-informed about their conditions and treatment decisions. Discussion and education about the root cause of the patient's diagnosis will help to prevent future reoccurrence.

Our goal is a happy and healthy patient.

Featured Services

Surgery will correct the abnormal alignment of the toe for bunion deformities or can remove an unknown mole or lesion.

Dr. Lisa M. Schoene has extensive experience with dance medicine in the Chicago and Northern IL area.

Dr. Lisa M. Schoene has worked with all types of athletes since 1991, so she takes a special interest in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

These treatments can reduce pain, and swelling. They decrease inflammation, increase blood flow, and improve soft tissue elasticity and function.

Holistic and alternative therapies are becoming more accepted by many patient populations.

Children may be born with rotational deformities of their legs, either above the knee, or below the knee.