Metatarsal Pain Signs & Treatment in Chicago, IL

Foot Pain

There are soft tissue structures around all of our metatarsal heads/knuckles right where our toes bend to push off during walking. These fragile soft tissues can get inflamed and sore, and even torn sometimes on the bottom portion of the capsule called the plantar plate.

Metatarsal Pain foot pain

What Causes Metatarsal Pain

Typically metatarsal pain, or foot pain, comes from  overuse during activities and/or wearing unsupportive shoes.

Signs and Symptoms of Metatarsal Injury

Soreness under the metatarsal heads is  where most patients share symptoms. They are typically worse upon arising and with increased walking or athletics. Some swelling can be present. In worse cases, the joint can become unstable and cause the toe to hike up into a hammer toe. It also may be painful to walk barefoot.

How to Relieve Metatarsal Pain

Ice, strapping and padding to relieve the strain on the metatarsal arch architecture may help to relieve metatarsal foot pain. Additionally, stretching, proper shoes with good support in the front, injections and physical therapy could also help to treat metatarsal pain.

If you're experiencing foot pain in your metatarsals and are seeking relieve, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Scheone