Bone Spur Treatment

What is a Bone Spur?

A bone spur is a growth on the edge of a bone caused by abnormal tugging and pulling of surrounding ligaments or tendons. Usually this most commonly occurs in the heel although bone spurs can occur elsewhere in the foot. 

Any time a soft tissue structure like a ligament, tendon or a capsule attaches to a bone there is potential for a bone spur to develop.

How Do Bone Spurs Form?

Bone Spurs come from abnormal pulling from the soft tissue that attaches to the area. Chronic tendon conditions or plantar fascia pulling are the common issues involving bone spurs.

Symptoms of Bone Spur in Foot

Quite often bone spurs are asymptomatic and do not need treatment on their own, however, they may be part of other conditions that are being treated. Quite often the pain is more related to the soft tissue that is attaching to the bone spur and area rather than the actual bone spur itself.

If the bone spur is large enough it could put pressure on the surrounding soft tissues and rub inside your shoe, it can cause soft tissue swelling, redness, inflammation.

Bone Spur Treatment Foot

Typical treatment is not necessary unless it is related to the soft tissue structures around it which is causing problems. Typically, the only way to officially get rid of a true bone spur is to do a surgical procedure.

If you are seeking bone spur treatment, contact Dr. Scheone