Hip Tendonitis Treatment in Chicago, IL

What is Tendonitis of the Hip?

Hip tendonitis is an inflammation injury that affects the hip flexor tendons. The tendons affected typically lie in the front of the hip. Although athletes and non-athletes can sustain various hip tendon injuries, it is most common with athletes who are dancers, cheerleaders or gymnast. 

Hip bursitis is often developed from repetitive kicking type movements or strains.  This is common with dancers who extend their leg out in front, to the side and/or way up in the air. These extreme movements have a tendency to create a pinching type affect which can cause injury or irritation in the hip. 

Hip Tendonitis Symptoms

Typically, hip bursitis is felt as general soreness in the hip tendon itself.  Patients may experience  weakness and or pain only in certain positions. Sometimes if the hip tendon rubs over a bony surface in the hip it may cause a snapping type sound or sensation in the leg.  Occasionally there can be some mild inflammation but generally there is no excessive outward swelling.

Hip Tendonitis Exercises & Treatment

Typically reduction of activities, physical therapy treatments, modalities and gentle stretching & strengthening will help to treat hip bursitis. Additionally,  evaluating underlying biomechanical alignment issues and faulty dance techniques or movement patterns is may be important to diagnosing and treating.

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