Sclerosing Alcohol Injections in Chicago, IL

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Understanding Sclerosing Alcohol Injections

Our Gurnee Podiatry & Sports Medicine Assoc. facilities provide sclerosing alcohol injections administered by Dr. Schoene, Dr. Bever, and Dr. Joseph. This highly effective treatment delivers a specialized solution to targeted areas.

How Do Sclerosing Alcohol Injections Work? 

Sclerosing alcohol, composed primarily of ethanol, is used in medical procedures to induce sclerosis. The chemical composition of sclerosing alcohol, typically a high ethanol concentration, facilitates its therapeutic effect. Ethanol damages and irritates cells, triggering inflammation and subsequent scar tissue formation. When injected into targeted areas, sclerosing alcohol causes blood vessel constriction and eventual closure, reducing symptoms.

This mechanism of action is employed in various treatments, such as sclerotherapy for varicose veins or even some heart-related conditions. Our office utilizes this treatment for neuromas, such as Morton’s Neuroma.  Medical professionals carefully administer sclerosing alcohol to achieve desired outcomes while minimizing potential side effects.

''Office staff & Dr. Bever were lovely. Appreciated the time that         Dr. Bever took to walk with me through all treatment options''. 

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Benefits and Efficacy of Sclerosing Alcohol Injections

Regarding the benefits and efficacy of sclerosing alcohol injections, we've witnessed positive outcomes in our patients. Let's delve into the advantages this procedure offers. After the treatments, which typically are 7-8 injections every 2 weeks, the nerve pain is typically gone and the symptoms do not return.  Our office has had very good success with this very simple injection therapy. 

Minimally invasive

Sclerosing alcohol injection offers the benefit of being a minimally invasive treatment technique. By nature, it involves a simple injection procedure that typically does not require surgical incisions or significant anesthesia. Patients can avoid the risks and complications associated with more invasive surgical interventions.


Sclerosing alcohol injection offers the benefit of being an effective treatment technique. The alcohol solution is injected directly into the affected area. The effectiveness of sclerosing alcohol injection makes it a trusted and preferred option for individuals seeking relief from vascular conditions.

Sclerosing Alcohol Injections as a Path to Wellness

We hope we have effectively demonstrated how these injections can provide a promising solution for diverse medical conditions, offering patients relief and improved foot function without pain which allows patients to get back to their activities comfortably. With the expertise of Dr. Schoene, Dr. Bever, and Dr. Jospeh at our Gurnee Podiatry & Sports Medicine Assoc. practice, you can trust that a skilled and experienced team will administer this effective treatment. 

Embrace a future of improved health by exploring the benefits of sclerosing alcohol injections and taking the first step towards lasting wellness. Contact our clinic today to schedule a consultation and begin your journey to a pain-free life.

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