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Using & Caring for Orthotics

person getting fitted for orthotics in chicago, IL

Orthotics are prescription devices that fit inside your shoes to provide support and stabilization in key areas. Orthotics can change the amount of force your foot feels with each step or alter the location of the pressure. Prescription orthotics incorporate neurofeedback that can train your brain to make corrective movements as you walk, improving a […]

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Essential Orthotic Considerations And Modifications For Getting Athletes Back To Play

04/10/2019 Dr. Schoene and other panelists discuss evaluating the necessity for orthotics in athletes with heel pain, as well as shoe modifications and orthotic modifications for specific sports. Q: What is your initial approach for evaluating the need for orthoses in athletes with heel pain? A: Patrick Nunan, DPM, FACFAS, first asks the patient what […]

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