April – Let’s stay connected!! Keep your feet healthy!

Here is how we can help you:

  1. We are open at both locations to treat you.
  2. We can provide (insurance paid) phone consultations to answer any questions regarding your current treatment plan. Don’t hesitate to call our office.
  3. We can mail supplements and supplies directly to you.
  4. Need new orthotics? Call to order a new pair today to get ready for spring and summer training.
  5. Ladies need a pedicure? We have natural nail polishes & pedicure kits that we can mail directly to you.
  6. We can do one on one exercise therapy sessions billed thru insurance.

Tips for Staying Healthy While at Home.

1. Supplements we can mail directly to you:

  • DoTERRA (link) OnGuard (We have in stock); Immune boosting mix of essential oils
  • Vitamin C ; Try chewable, powder packs, gummies
  • Mushroom supplements; Metagenics (link) Mycotaki this boosts viral protection (NK cell; natural killer)
  • ReBoost Immune, BHI FLU+ (we have in stock)

2. Exercise

  • Work out for 30 min;
  • Daily exercise is great for stress relief.
  • See our quick video for some at-home exercises. ( please note this video was filmed in Jan )

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