Upcoming Dance Events in Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois, is a cultural hub within the state. If you’re a dancer or simply want to attend some stellar dance performances, there are tons of events coming up in the city of Chicago. Here’s a list of upcoming dance events, ranging from workshops to auditions to performances.

Next Steps Summer Dance Intensive

Next Steps Summer Dance Intensive is a three or six-day workshop for students between 13 and 19 years old. DanceWorks Chicago partnered with the School of Theatre and Dance at James Madison University to coordinate these workshops. You can sign up for either workshop, though the dates vary. The three-day intensive is from June 27 to June 29. The six-day intensive runs from June 27 to July 2.

These two intensive workshops are for committed dancers who are curious to learn more about the craft. Participants can study with nationally and internationally recognized dancers and choreographers, which provides ample opportunities to learn. While there is no audition necessary, there are only 30 spots available, so it’s best to sign up as soon as possible. You can register online.

Adult Basic Ballet Class

Led by Vannessa Lake, this Adult Basic Ballet class provides instruction regarding basic and foundational aspects of ballet. This class occurs weekly on Tuesdays and runs until June 7. If you are a professional dancer or a student, you can enjoy a discounted price. Other attendees pay a fee of $15. You can choose to take this class in person or online.

Even if you’ve never done ballet dancing before, you can learn the basic positions of ballet throughout the class. The instructor also offers Adult Beginner Ballet and Adult Beginner/Intermediate Ballet classes on Mondays and Thursdays. These other classes are best suited for people with professional experience in the discipline.

Adult Latin Dance Classes

If you want to learn the steps to iconic Latin dances, you can attend a class by Guillermo Garcia. These classes occur weekly until June 12. They take place at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts. They’re great for beginners or more advanced dancers. You can register online for as many of the Latin dance classes as you want. Garcia teaches a variety of dances from Latin America, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

Radical Kindness

Running from Saturday, April 9 to Saturday, May 14 is the dance performance called Radical Kindness. This performance spotlights a duet of dancers, poetry, and music, and shows a dance film created by 11 dancers. The theme of the show is a journey to finding connections with others, showing resilience, experiencing renewal, and acting with kindness. If you want to be inspired by this multi-faceted performance, you can purchase your tickets for $10 online.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago: RE/UNION

Taking place at the Harris Theater in Millennium Park is the RE/UNION show, put on by the Hubbard Street Dance Chicago dance company. The mission of this company is to unify artists, art, and audiences through their performances. They have performed this show around the nation, so this is a fantastic opportunity to see this dance company in action. You can buy your tickets online.

Unfolding Disabilities Futures: Community Dance Workshops

If you’re interested in an inclusive dance workshop series, you might consider attending the Unfolding Disabilities Futures workshop on May 15. The workshop takes place at The Plant. Participants of all bodies, minds, and experiences levels are welcome to this event, which is free to the public. You can interact with choreographers while you explore various movements and learn new skills. The workshop is from 3:30 to 5 p.m. and you can register online.


Another option for dancers includes the three-week long Dance360 Workshops hosted by DanceWorks Chicago. Each week has a different theme, but you can expect every workshop to be rigorous and comprehensive for all dance students who participate. In order to secure your place at one of these workshops, submit an audition video or audition in person. There is also a fee of $625 to participate.

The program offerings at the DanceForce workshops include dance techniques, artistic coaching, specialty seminars, and development sessions. The first week is from July 18 to July 23, the second is July 25 to July 30, and the final week is August 1 to August 6. This workshop runs every day of the week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

ChoreoLab Workshop and Showcase

ChoreoLab is another DanceWorks Chicago workshop. This workshop lasts one week, from August 8 to August 13. Dancers participate in a residency, engaging in a professional-caliber creative process. As a dancer, you can collaborate with professional choreographers to prepare for the showcase at the end of the week.

You can audition for a spot at ChoreoLab in person or by sending in a video. This workshop costs $625, but partial scholarships are available upon request. The showcase is scheduled for August 13 at 1 p.m. and is free for the public. You can register for the event online and enjoy the choreography the dancers created during the week.

Rejoinder Performance

Another performance that’s running on June 3 and 4 is Rejoinder. This performance is organized by Dropshift Dance, a local dance company. The show uses words and phrases to transform the space and inform the choreography. The soundtrack itself is a collaborative effort between musicians and dancers to create something unique. This performance premieres at Links Hall, and you can watch the livestream on June 4. You can buy your tickets online to make sure you have a seat for this visceral and inventive performance.

Chicago, Illinois, has many events to offer both dancers and audiences alike. Whether you’re a local dancer who wants to find new classes or a visitor looking for a fun performance, there is something in Chicago for you to enjoy. We at Dr. Schoene hope that you attend and enjoy these dance events. Did we miss any important dance events coming up in Chicago? Contact us so we can add it to our list.