Show Off Your Dance Moves at These 10 Hot Dance Clubs in the Chicago Area

Are you looking for a place to party and have a good time with friends in the Chicago area? If so, there are several hot dance clubs to choose from. Chicago boasts a wide variety of clubs with special themes, drinks, food, and music. With all these options, you’re bound to find a cool and exciting dance club to party at. From nail salons to speakeasies, there’s a Chicago dance club for you. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest dance clubs near the Chicago area.

Beauty Bar

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The Beauty Bar is a salon where you can dance, have a few drinks, and even get your nails done. You’ll have a unique experience at Beauty Bar when you come in for Martinis & Manicure. While you get your nails done, you can enjoy a drink from the bar’s expansive cocktail menu, all named after salon terms, such as Deep Condition, The Blowout, and the Platinum Blonde. The club itself is groovy, with disco balls and bright colors. With drinks, dancing, and nails, what more is there to ask for?


Smartbar is an independent nightclub that has been open for 39 years. It prides itself in the music featured there, with DJs coming in from around the world to perform. This club holds a weekly night party, where the patrons celebrate historical music through old records or innovative DJs. It also hosts a variety of other events, where you can dance to different DJs’ selection of music. Smartbar has a cool vibe, with most of the rooms being dark and lit with bright neon lights.

The Whistler

The Whistler is a special bar, gallery, record label, and music venue, all wrapped up in one location. This club is open all week and constantly changes what types of music it plays. For example, it might play rock, electronic, country, soul, or jazz. While you’re dancing and listening to the music, you can enjoy one of The Whistler’s award-winning cocktails, such as Edge of Tomorrow, Cafe Racer, It’s My Party, and more. What makes this bar unique is that it also has its own record label that produces the music that it records live from The Whistler stage.

Tao Chicago

Tao Chicago is both a restaurant and a nightclub that operates on two floors. The restaurant has an authentic East Asian feel with its decor and atmosphere. It serves dishes like lo mein, Shanghai fried rice, and Thai sweet and spicy shrimp. Meanwhile, the bar serves drinks, including cocktails, beers, and wine. The nightclub area is large and also has authentic East Asian decor. Popular DJs deliver music to the parties, so people can dance, eat, and enjoy great music.

The Kerryman

The Kerryman is both a bar and nightclub at the same time. The first floor has an Irish bar with chic decor. Meanwhile, upstairs is where the parties occur. While the Kerryman isn’t branded as a nightclub, it’s still a place for drinks and socializing. The Kerryman is also a restaurant. So you can come to this location for great food, drinks, and parties. The restaurant serves authentic Irish dishes, such as fish and chips and beef and Guinness pie. At the bar, you can order from a large selection of wines, beers, cocktails, and more.

Le Nocturne

Le Nocturne is a newer nightclub in the Chicago area, but it’s just as popular and as exciting as any other club or bar. This is more of a casual nightclub and doesn’t have a strict dress code. Despite it being a relaxed dance club, Le Nocturne still hosts well-known DJs. Le Nocturne is especially unique because it has an immersive light show with a 99-piece light system and lasers to enhance your dancing experience. This light system even moves in response to the music.

Blind Barber

On the outside, the Blind Barber is simply a barbershop. But on the inside, it transforms into a speakeasy where you and your friends can party and have a drink. You can actually get your hair cut or styled here too. The barbershop opens to a ’70s-themed bar at night with fun cocktails and great food. Besides being a speakeasy, some other highlights of this club are the funky decor, including burnt-orange couches and pine walls. Some of the drinks it serves include cocktails, beers, wines, and more. Consider trying the Hot Heather or White Ferrari.

Slippery Slope

The Slippery Slope is a fun and exciting nightclub with amazing drinks, including canned cocktails, skee ball, and a state-of-the-art dance floor. This nightclub has it all. The Slippery Slope hosts several parties and events. It even has daily specials. For instance, Mondays feature $1 beers and free skee ball. This nightclub is also different from others because it has no cover fee, which makes it a cost-effective place to party.

Electric Hotel

Electric Hotel is a nightclub inside of an old warehouse. Now refurbished, the Electric Hotel is one of the coolest places to party in Chicago. It has brick-exposed walls, flashy neon signs, and a ton of glittering disco balls. Germany’s nightlife inspired the style of the Electric Hotel, with LED screens and other vintage stylings. This nightclub has a large drink menu, featuring vodka, whiskey, scotch, tequila, and more.

The Hangge-Uppe

The Hangge-Uppe is the perfect place to dance and drink with your friends. This club is a blast from the past, while maintaining current styles and hits. Upstairs, you’ll find the DJ playing top 40 hits, while the downstairs is where you’ll hear hits from the ’70s and ’80s. Another unique aspect about this nightclub is that it’s open late every single night, with a closing time of 4 a.m. every night except Saturdays, when it closes at 5 a.m.

Chicago, Illinois, has a large selection of dance clubs with great drinks and even better music. With so many places to choose from, you’ll find the perfect club for you and your friends. Did you find our list satisfactory? Did we miss one of your favorite dance clubs in the Chicago area? If so, please let us know so we can highlight your experience and add it to our list.