Physical Therapy & Modalities in Chicago, IL

We perform many types of these “modalities” in conjunction with other therapy to give each patient a well rounded rehabilitation experience.

Treating sports related injuries or foot injuries and conditions can come in many different forms. In addition to surgery and other practices, physical therapy can be an integral part of the healing process. 

There are many PT treatments that will help patient’s injuries, whether it is to improve soft tissue range of motion, or increase blood flow to the area, or to assist in swelling reduction. We perform many types of these “modalities” in conjunction with other therapy to give each patient a well rounded rehabilitation experience.

Tens Unit

A TENS unit stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is a small battery operated machine that uses electrical transmission to decrease pain.

Electrodes are applied to the affected area. The machine is turned on and an electrical current is sent through the electrodes. A tingling sensation is felt in the underlying skin and muscle.

This signal disrupts the pain signal that is being sent from the affected area to the surrounding nerves. It can be used for 15 or 30 minutes.

The patient wears the device on a daily basis at home and it will treat “pain” (or chronic pain) such as low back, or post surgery, or post injury. It is a cash pay device that the patient purchases and then owns. They can purchase additional electrodes as needed.

Interferential Current (IFC)

Is a type of electrical stimulation that may use to help decrease pain and improve circulation to injured tissues.

The IFC works much like TENS, but the current can be easily moved and varied to target your most painful area of injury. It is very good for larger treatment areas, after sprains, with lots of swelling or bruising and generally for more acute injuries.

This uses 4 electrode or 2 and they are placed surrounding the affected area. The treatment lasts 15 min. and is done at our office preferably 2 times per week.


Is a deep heating treatment used to treat many musculoskeletal conditions like chronic sprains, strains, or tendonitis, Ultrasound is administered using an ultrasound machine wand called a sound head and it is pressed gently against your skin and moved in small circular sweeps at the site of injury.

A small amount of gel is used so the ultrasound waves are absorbed into the skin and muscles. It works very well for soft tissues like fascia, tendons, and best when the condition is not very acute. Best for the more sub-acute or chronic conditions.

The treatment lasts 8 min. and should be done to the injured area and contained to about the size of the palm of your hand.


A type of electrical stimulation used to administer medication into your body through your skin.

The medication, such as dexamethasone can be used to help decrease inflammation, decrease localized swelling, or decrease muscle spasm. Some medication used in iontophoresis can also help to decrease calcium deposits and can be used to help manage scar tissue.

The product that we dispense at our office, is a take home version, and it comes in a box and 6 treatment pads and we dispense the liquid medication along with the box. The patient purchases it from our office. It is done once every other day to the affected area.

Laser Therapy: Class III or Class IV

Is a therapy modality that uses light creating “photobiomodulation” that is emitted from the head.

These light waves stimulates the mitochondria (power house of the cell) by penetrating deep into the tissue.

This modality can be used for a variety of conditions; acute, chronic and even used for bone fracture, bruising or delayed union of a old fracture.

Typically we combine Class III laser, with ultrasound to enhance the tissue repair.

In our Gurnee office we have the class III and class IV laser machine that can be used stand alone or with other modalities as well. ( See our Laser section)

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