Out-Toeing Treatment in Chicago, IL

What Is Out Toeing?

Out-toeing is when a person or child walks with a turned out or externally rotated foot. This is commonly also referred to as “duck feet”. 

When children develop there are many rotational components that have to work together and in a synchronized fashion in order to allow the foot and ankle to eventually end up in the right plane for walking straight. 

What Causes Toeing Out?

Sometimes out toeing is caused in babies & toddlers due to low or high neurological tone, gestational in utero positions of the baby or postural habits like sitting in the “W” position.  All of these can cause rotational issues.

Child sitting in bad position, which is called W-sitting. W-sitting can cause Toeing Out

Child sitting in the W position.

Toe Out Alignment Symptoms

Typically children who start to walk at the 11 to 18-month time frame, will appear with an either over-rotated or under-rotated foot position, sometimes feet will also be collapsed, but other than difficulty walking the child will probably not have pain symptomatology.

Out Toeing Treatment

A thorough evaluation is absolutely necessary and braces, bars, shoes, even casting of the lower leg is very helpful at a very young age prior to walking.

Orthotic devices can also improve some of the rotational components as well. Stretching, strengthening, physical therapy treatments are very important and a full neurological workup is paramount if tone issues are a concern.

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