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What Happens If You Let a Bunion Go Untreated?

Bunions are a common issue that we see in our clinic. They begin as a minor irritation but can eventually become very painful and uncomfortable in tight or ill-fitting shoes. Bunions are the most common foot condition, with 25%-33% of adults — over 5 million people in the United States — experiencing them annually. Because […]

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 Is Your Foot The Same Size As Your Forearm?

Whether you’ve studied Renaissance art or you’ve scrolled past some viral social media posts, you may have heard the claim that your foot is the same size as your forearm. It may shock you to learn there’s some truth behind this statement, though there are also some exceptions. If you’ve ever wondered whether your foot […]

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Why Is There Yellow Skin on the Bottom of My Foot?

Yellow skin on the bottom of your feet is quite common and isn’t anything to worry about in most cases. Your feet endure a lot throughout the day, especially if you’re active. However, in rare cases, yellow feet may signify an underlying condition. Whether you’re experiencing this skin change on your toes, sole, or entire […]

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How Do You Get Rid of Bunions on Your Feet?

illustrated graphic of a bunion

If you’ve lived with bunions for any amount of time, you know how painful and agonizing they can be. Sometimes they’re more of a nuisance, but other times they’re so tender it can be difficult to put on a shoe or even walk around. These painful bumps are bony formations that develop on the joint […]

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