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Is a Podiatrist Covered By Insurance?

Issues with your feet can include injuries such as a fractured toe, genetic problems such as hammertoe or bunions, or illnesses such as fungus or athlete’s foot. While some foot issues can be treated at home, others may require a visit to your family practitioner, while still others may require you to see a podiatrist. […]

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Why do Ballerinas Cut Their Feet with Razors?

black and white image of two feet that are bruised and bandaged

Ballerinas look graceful and elegant as they pirouette across the stage. They seem to dance effortlessly, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ballet dancing is exceptionally athletic and involves intense effort using every muscle in the dancer’s body. Above all, a ballerina’s feet take the brunt of the strenuous exertion involved in ballet […]

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