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How to Prep Your Feet for Long Hours on Pointe

September 20th, 2021 Article published originally on PointeMagazine.com by Kyra Laubacher. Dr. Schoene discusses some tips and tricks that dancers can practice in order to best mitigate foot and heal pain when preparing to perform Pointe after the off-season. Ballet seasons are starting up again. But returning to long rehearsal days on pointe can be […]

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Why do Ballerinas Cut Their Feet with Razors?

black and white image of two feet that are bruised and bandaged

Ballerinas look graceful and elegant as they pirouette across the stage. They seem to dance effortlessly, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ballet dancing is exceptionally athletic and involves intense effort using every muscle in the dancer’s body. Above all, a ballerina’s feet take the brunt of the strenuous exertion involved in ballet […]

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