What Shoe Brands Are Best for Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, you know how discouraging shoe shopping can be. You might find the perfect pair only to discover that they aren’t available in your size. Even though it might be tempting, the last thing you want to do is ignore the fact that the pair doesn’t fit. Forcing your feet into shoes that are too small will only lead to pain, blisters, or even bunions that might eventually require surgery.

Here at Gurnee Podiatry & Sports Medicine Associates, we serve patients who have the same struggles you do. The good news is that you can find relief through something as simple as shopping with a size-inclusive shoe brand. Read on to learn more about the best shoe brands for people with wide feet.

New Balance

Podiatrists commonly recommend New Balance shoes for their patients, and it’s no wonder why. This brand is well-known for its comfortable pairs that offer plenty of arch support and cushioning. New Balance also promotes foot health by catering to varying foot widths. The women’s and men’s section of the website has filters for wide, extra wide, and XX wide widths. The children’s section even has extra-wide sizes, meaning younger people can get the shoes they need to accommodate their wider feet.

What’s more is that New Balance has styles for various activities. Whether you run, hike, or play a specific sport, you’re sure to find the pair that suits the main type of motion you’re doing. You can also benefit from lifestyle pairs that allow you to work or walk around town in comfort.


Another favorite shoe brand among podiatrists is Asics, a company that’s been around since 1949 and relies on “human-centric science” to create high-quality pairs. The Asics Institute of Sport Science designs shoes that meet consumers’ unique performance needs by studying natural movements and sourcing high-quality materials.

Men’s and women’s styles are available in wide and extra-wide sizes so you can shop for the pair that suits your preferred activities. Some pairs are specific to sports like wrestling, volleyball, golf, and basketball, while others optimize your performance on trails or outdoor fields. If you want a wide shoe that completes your athleisure-wear look, consider exploring the Sportstyle collection.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes

You’re probably familiar with the Dr. Scholl’s brand, which specializes in insoles and inserts. But did you know that the manufacturer also has its own line of shoes? Dr. Scholl’s Shoes is an offshoot that offers fashionable yet supportive wide shoes for its customers. Shop the latest trends — or the sustainability section if you want to make a difference in the world — while enjoying a comfortable fit. Regardless of the pair you buy, you can experience the difference with the pair alone or by using Dr. Scholl’s inserts.


If you’re on the hunt for summer sandals, you can’t go wrong with Birkenstocks. You might question this recommendation at first glance, as the German manufacturer groups its regular and wide sizes together on its website filters. However, you’ll be glad to hear that the adjustable buckles on signature Birkenstock pairs help you create the perfect fit. Other styles, including slip-ons and those with laces, tend to offer a looser fit that accommodates wide feet. Additionally, you’ll be glad you invested in Birkenstocks after only a few minutes of standing on the generous footbed built for optimal comfort.


Many people with wide feet rely on Sketchers as their go-shoe brand. Although the women’s section has several wide styles, the men’s section has filters for wide as well as extra wide. Even if you turn on these filters, you’ll get to browse hundreds of slip-ons, sandals, sneakers, and semi-dressy shoes. Additionally, you won’t have to break the bank, as Sketchers is one of the most affordable companies of its kind that prioritizes quality.


If you’re an avid runner, you know that wide feet can turn your beloved pastime into a torturous endeavor. Even running a few miles in shoes that are too tight might lead to blisters and an active avoidance of running. Fortunately, Brooks has a vast selection of shoes for runners like you. Wide and extra-wide sizes provide plenty of flexibility so you can meet your 5K or marathon goals. Additionally, Brooks has filters that allow you to customize the amount of arch and support you want in your shoes.

Stuart Weitzman

Our recommendations thus far have been for more athletic and casual brands, perhaps reaffirming your belief that people with wide feet can’t enjoy classier pairs. Companies like Stuart Weitzman prove that your assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. The brand has plenty of sandals, boots, pumps, and wedges that are perfect for your year’s most elegant events. Stuart Weitzman even has a bridal collection to ensure you can find the right pair for your big day. Despite the brand being more luxurious, it offers periodic sales to make its shoes accessible to more customers.

Nunn Bush

Nunn Bush is yet another higher-end shoe brand that makes pairs specifically for those with wider feet. You can filter by medium, wide, and very wide widths to find the right fit. For a more casual style, shop the vast collection of sandals and slip-ons. Those looking to go a little dressier can opt for loafers and Oxford-style pairs that will help you look sharp at more formal events. Regardless, you’re bound to appreciate the all-encompassing styles that put your comfort first.

As you can see from this guide, just because you have wide feet doesn’t mean that your shoe shopping has to be limited. Thanks to our wide-reaching recommendations, you should be able to find pairs that suit your unique style. If you want to learn more about the best shoe brands for wide feet, contact Gurnee Podiatry & Sports Medicine Associates today. Our experts are eager to share our recommendations and help you walk around more comfortably. We can also help you address other issues, such as pain that you might be experiencing because of wide feet.