The Best Sandals for Flat Feet 2021

If you have flat feet, it means that your arches touch the floor when standing up straight. While flat feet are hereditary for some people, others develop this condition due to other reasons. Flat feet may develop due to aging, pregnancy, or health conditions like diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. Whether flat feet cause pain or not, wearing the right shoes is crucial. It is recommended that you wear shoes which offer comfort and support to your feet.

What To Consider When Buying Sandals for Flat Feet

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When buying shoes, most people go for style and comfort. However, several other factors count when buying sandals for flat feet.

Look for Contoured Footbeds

A good pair of sandals should have a footbed that follows the natural foot shape. Contoured footbeds are preferred as they tend to fit feet better. A contoured footbed is made using natural latex or cork and evenly distributes your weight across the shoe. It is comfortable and securely supports the foot alignment while aiding in preventing injuries.

Choose a Pair That Matches Your Foot Arch

Sandals will feel different for each individual as a result of the foot arch. It is good to buy a pair of shoes that fits your arch. If you have a high arch, buy sandals with a similar arch and if you have a flat arch, buy a pair with a lower arch. Shoes that match your arch will immediately feel more comfortable when you try them on.

Opt for Rubber Soles

The strength of a sandal is equally imperative. Your flip-flops should have a sturdy sole to prevent you from falling. Sandals with rubber soles offer support and comfort to your feet allowing you to move on any surface. Additionally, most rubber soles are waterproof, which prevents slipping and sliding.

Best 7 Sandals for Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, buying the recommended sandals for your condition is a necessity. Prioritize shoes that support your arch. Check out our recommendations below — you may find yourself a pair that suits you.

Viakix Samara Walking Sandal

Viakix Samara walking sandals have quality arch support in addition to being stylish and durable. Thanks to their thick insole, these sandals offer high functionality. The sandals have a criss-cross design and pattern, which gives them a unique style. Furthermore, these shoes come in a variety of color options. The Viakix sandals offer superb shock absorption to make sure that your feet stay comfortable all day long. With a great pair of walking sandals like the Viakix Samara, you will be able to walk farther for longer. 

OLUKAI Hokua Slipper Sandal

The OLUKAI Hokua slipper sandal is a good option for men with flat feet. The sandal is made of high-quality material that is breathable, lightweight, waterproof, and durable. This sandal will offer you maximum comfort and arch support all day long. The outsole is made of synthetic non-marking gum rubber that is lugged to promote grip and prevent slips. The footbed is made from compression-molded EVA to offer a personalized fit. You have a choice of 15 colors to choose from, so you can find one that matches your style.

Viakix Siena Sandal

The Viakix Siena sandals offer you style and comfort at the same time. The double woven criss-cross transcends typical sandal style. The straps consist of sturdy, quick-drying material. The sandals also feature a foam insole cushion that aligns to your feet to offer maximum comfort. The Siena sandals provide a stylish yet more relaxed alternative to other sandals you may have. Most importantly, you can rock them during any season.

Orthaheel Men’s/Women’s Kiwi Slide Sandals from Vionic

Orthaheel Kiwi Slide sandals are one of the most recommended sandals for flat feet, especially for use by people with plantar fasciitis. The sandal has a polyurethane upper lining which offers maximum support to the arch and relieves heel pain. The EVA insole and mid-sole, padded neoprene upper lining, and rubber outsole enhance the sandal’s design. Furthermore, the shoe’s footbed consists of orthotic EVA to increase foot support and minimize the pressure applied on the ankle. It also features a deep heel cup that helps to support and alleviate the foot.

Keen Newport H2 Slippers

If you are looking for a good pair of fisherman-style sandals for flat feet, consider buying Keen Newport H2. The sandal’s design will offer you ultimate comfort thanks to its incredible features. It has a compression-molded EVA mid-sole to provide firm support. The bottom sole made out of foam enhances traction. The upper part of the shoe consists of cushioned neoprene webbing to prevent chafing. The footbed is contoured and features good cushioning, as well. The sandal is also waterproof so you can use it in any weather Chicagoland throws at you. The most likable feature of these sandals is the fact that they are machine washable.

Charlie Slide Sandal 

The Charlie Slide sandal is another iconic shoe from Vionic loved for its comfort and versatility. The sandal features adjustable straps to enhance comfort. Furthermore, it has a rubber outsole to boost comfort. It has a minimalist design, which is ideal for those who like wearing sandals without a top cover. It is perfect for any occasion you may be attending in the city if you are a man after candid comfort.

ECCO Women/Men’s Yucatan Sandal 

For people with plantar fasciitis, there are no better shoes than the ECCO Yucatan sandals. These sandals are well-designed to offer your feet the maximum support they need. It features a lightweight, micro-fiber EVA footbed to provide good arch support. These shoes offer much comfort and reliability. Amazingly, it comes in a choice of 40 different color options!

Buying a good pair of sandals for flat feet is very important. While there are many types of shoes you will find in our Gurnee shop, not all will comfortably support your arch. You can view some of the options we have listed here and find a perfect fit. For more information, contact the specialists at Gurnee Podiatry & Sports Medicine.