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What Happens If You Let a Bunion Go Untreated?

Bunions are a common issue that we see in our clinic. They begin as a minor irritation but can eventually become very painful and uncomfortable in tight or ill-fitting shoes. Bunions are the most common foot condition, with 25%-33% of adults — over 5 million people in the United States — experiencing them annually. Because […]

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Bunions – More Common Than You Think!

bunion comparison

Even if you don’t have bunions, you may know someone who has them and know that they canbe painful. Strike this line. Knowing a little about bunions can be highly beneficial if you want toreceive an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. In fact, Dr. Lisa Schoene and Dr. BruceBever helps many patients treat and prevent […]

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How Do You Get Rid of Bunions on Your Feet?

illustrated graphic of a bunion

If you’ve lived with bunions for any amount of time, you know how painful and agonizing they can be. Sometimes they’re more of a nuisance, but other times they’re so tender it can be difficult to put on a shoe or even walk around. These painful bumps are bony formations that develop on the joint […]

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