Cuboid Syndrome Treatment in Chicago, IL

What is Cuboid Syndrome?

The cuboid is a large mid foot bone on the outside of the foot and is a very important part of the rotational calcaneocuboid joint. This joint is critical to movement, but can get rotated out of position easily if certain movements occur.

How does Cuboid Syndrome Occur?

Cuboid Syndrome is particularly common after movement that would typically cause an ankle sprain. Movement such as a sudden sharp twist from intensive sports like tennis or basketball can cause Cuboid Syndrome.

Cuboid Syndrome Symptoms & Signs

Interestingly, swelling, bruising, and redness do not typically occur with Cuboid Syndrome; it can sometimes feel as if you may have a fracture on the outside of the foot but no visible signs. Generally patients don’t remember where or when an injury may occur, so it is important for a doctor to get a full history of a patient’s activity.

How to Treat Cuboid Syndrome

Generally, mobilizations and manipulations of the cuboid can position it back in place. Cuboid padding and supportive shoes will typically do the trick.

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Pain in the foot caused by cuboid syndrome