What is a Sports Medicine Podiatrist?

According to Webster’s Dictionary,  “Sports Medicine is a field of medicine that relates to the prevention and treatment of injuries and other health problems that affect people who play sports”.

Studies have proven that injury is inevitable in sport and dance, and can occur upwards of 85% in some sports. Many studies suggest that over 50% of all sports injuries involve the foot and ankle. Since most sports and recreational activities involve running and the use of the feet and legs, it lends itself nicely to the field of Podiatric Sports Medicine. Since the foot is the foundation of the lower extremity and the parameter needed for proper gait in general, it is of utmost importance that the foot function efficiently all the time, even without shoes.

“Just doing surgery on athletes is not practicing Sports Medicine” rather, it involves patient and thoughtful care for athletes who desire injury rehabilitation, prevention strategies, and cutting edge treatments, traditionally not involving surgery! says Dr. Schoene. This takes a lot of experience and training, and behind the scenes work on a regular basis. Studying within the field of Sports Medicine, takes time,  to attend seminars, research topics, teaching, lecturing and writing for publications in the field.

For Dr. Lisa M. Schoene, becoming a Sports Medicine Podiatrist was a labor of love that started in the 1980’s. It is not just about talking the talk, but rather walking the walk! As a Certified Athletic Trainer, and a Triple board certified Podiatrist she is the Podiatric Consultant to the DePaul Blue Demons, as well as working many sporting events, from the 1996 Atlanta “Olympic Games”, to  “World Cup Soccer” at Soldiers Field Chicago,  to the yearly “Chicago Shoot Out” Lacrosse tournament, and for many years worked with the “Chicago Panthers” Semi-Pro Football team, Covered Marathons,  Triathalons, “Avon” Breast Cancer walkathons, as well as coverage for many dance, and theater performances; such as with “The Joffrey Ballet”, “Hubbard Street Dance” Inaside Chicago dance, Ballet Chicago, Lion King as well as others.

As a Dance Medicine Podiatrist and Running Podiatrist, she regularly lectures at Dance Intensives, and other Running clubs in the Chicagoland area. 

Selecting a Sports Medicine Podiatrist should be based on experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and the utmost concern to get every athlete and dancer back to their activity as quickly as possible.