Sports Medicine in Chicago, IL

Also Practicing Podiatry

Dr. Lisa M. Schoene provides sports medicine in Chicago, IL. Chicago has a sea of sporting events, races, dance and theatre shows and “active” activities in and around the city on any given day. Dr. Schoene has been a Sports Medicine Specialist and Running Podiatrist for over 23+ years.  She is a Certified Athletic Trainer, and expert in Running and Dance medicine as she treats many Professional, Semi-Professional, elite, and recreational athletes and dancers everyday in her practice. She treats dancers from around the Chicagoland and Indiana areas to the border of Wisconsin as well. Ballet Chicago in downtown Chicago have Dr. Schoene lecture and do screenings during their  summer intensives. Dance companies, such as Inaside Chicago Dance, and Elements Contemporary Ballet, Chicago Tap Theater, and Dance Center Evanston, send their dancers to Dr. Schoene for proper evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation; she gives prevention lectures and performs screenings for the dancers as well. Many running and triathalon clubs ie: Chicago Multisport  in Chicago, have Dr. Schoene give lectures to their members on overuse running injuries, prevention, running shoe issues, and even nutrition.

If a doctor is going to “talk the talk” they better have experience in  “walking the walk”!  When it comes to expertise in Sports, Running, and Dance Medicine, Trust Dr. Schoene who is a time honored Author, Lecturer, Mentor, Educator and Practicing Physician. 

Sports medicine, dance medicine, running podiatrist working with local dance companies and with participates in local events.Lincoln Park: The Athenaeum Theater is home to many dance companies in which Dr. Schoene is involved with. She works with dance companies such as Chicago Tap Theater, and Inaside Chicago Dance and Ballet Chicago who perform on stages at that theater in the heart of Lincoln Park in Chicago. Dr. Schoene has been involved with many running and walking race type events as well, as the breast cancer walkers travel through Lincoln Park during their 2 day 60+ mile event. DePaul University Blue Demons has its University gymnasium and practice facilities in Lincoln Park as well. Dr. Schoene has been a Podiatric Consultant to the Blue Demons for over 23+ years. She regularly screens the athletes and makes suggestions for athletic shoe gear for the upcoming seasons. She takes care of many of the athletes at the Athletic Training room on campus as well throughout the year.

River North: Dr. Schoene has a practice in the River North area of Chicago. Her office is on Ontario Street, and is in a holistic building containing the “Yoga Circle” and “The Trainers Gym”. Personal Trainers regularly send clients to see Dr. Schoene for Podiatric care, and over the years has treated many of the Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, athletes, runners, and dancers that travel through that location. Massage, and physical therapy services are preformed along with holistic and nutritional services too. Let Dr. Schoene help you to perform to your highest level after she completes a thorough examination, and makes treatment suggestions.