Practicing Sports Medicine & Podiatry Gurnee, IL

Sports medicine, dance medicine, running podiatrist helping dancers, runners and receive proper evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation. Dr. Lisa M. Schoene provides sports medicine in and around Gurnee and Park City, IL. The Northern suburbs has a sea of sporting events, races, dance and theatre shows and “active” activities in and around those suburbs on any given day or weekend. Dr. Schoene has been a Sports Medicine Specialist and Running Podiatrist for over 23+ years.  She is a Certified Athletic Trainer, and expert in Running and Dance medicine as she treats many Professional, Semi-Professional, elite, and recreational athletes and dancers everyday in her practice. She treats dancers from around the Northern suburbs like Evanston, Libertyville, Lake Forest, Gurnee, and Waukegan areas, to the border of Wisconsin as well.  Dance Center Evanston has had Dr. Schoene lecture and do screenings during their summer intensives for students and teachers as well. Dancers from companies, and studios in Libertyville, Highland Park, Schaumburg, Chrystal Lake, Hanover Park, such as, Talent Forum, Faubourg School of Ballet, Rise Dance Center, Judith Svalander School of Ballet, send their dancers to Dr. Schoene for proper evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation; she gives prevention lectures and performs screenings for many of the dancers as well. Many running and triathalon clubs such as ZB run squad in Zion, to Grayslake, Lake Forest, Lake Bluff running clubs have had Dr. Schoene give lectures to their members on overuse running injuries, prevention, running shoe issues, and even nutrition.

If a doctor is going to “talk the talk” they better have experience in  “walking the walk”!  When it comes to expertise in Sports, Running, and Dance Medicine, Trust Dr. Schoene who is a time honored Author, Lecturer, Mentor, Educator and Practicing Physician.