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Running Podiatrist in Chicago and Park City, IL

For more than 24 years Dr. Lisa M. Schoene has been a certified athletic trainer and Sports Medicine Podiatrist and an expert running Podiatrist in the Chicago and Northern IL area. She takes a special interest in running injuries, and treats many recreational and serious runners and triathletes of all ages and levels. She has covered numerous marathons and triathalons, even working as a supervisor overseeing Podiatric students and residents. She gives lectures to running groups, colleges, universities, and high school groups all throughout the Chicagoland area, educating on prevention of overuse injury. Dr. Schoene performs screenings for various track and field teams including the DePaul Blue Demons, where she has been a Podiatric consultant for over 22 years.

Dr. Schoene being a Certified Athletic Trainer, in addition to a Podiatrist, she can thoroughly evaluate the whole body and lower extremity for all the runners by completing her specialized in depth “runners screen” which evaluates lower extremity static and functional strength, flexibility, balance, foot biomechanics, posture, body alignment, shoe gear fit and wear patterns. Running Podiatrist in Chicago and Park City IL who practices Sports Medicine Each treatment plan is tailor made for each runner, based on the specific needs of that individual, and the findings found on the extensive in office exam. She puts everything together from head to toe, rather than only looking at foot issues only. She commonly discusses shoe gear especially with the changes in the shoe industry, which has been a challenge to many runners recently, as the industry has revamped the fit, cut, shape, and function of many of our favorite shoes! Dr. Schoene always educates patients on proper treatments and foot care for prevention of typical overuse injuries. Treatment will always include many conservative but always swift treatments, including; physical therapy treatments including Laser, Massage therapy, custom or semi custom Orthotic intervention, strength, balance and flexibility treatments. She sells a line of compression socks which can help with performance and recovery as well.


Dr. Lisa M. Schoene, a running podiatrist in Chicago and Park City IL


Since Dr. Schoene promotes many integrative therapies, the plan may also include, acupuncture, nutritional testing and supplements, homeopathic and essential oil treatments. Most patients do very well with this holistic well-rounded approach, as it accelerates the healing time for optimal results, which is always the end goal with all her runners. Our office supplies and sells many sports medicine products, like compression socks, theraband, sports creams etc. to help the runner and athlete get back to performance quickly, and to enhance the other treatments for recovery.


Certified athletic trainer and Sports Medicine Podiatrist and an expert running Podiatrist in the Chicago and Northern IL are


Common Running Injuries That Dr. Schoene Treats:

  • Plantar fasciitis (acute and chronic).
  • Metatarsal and forefoot pains.
  • Achilles tendonitis.
  • Shin Splints.
  • Stress Fractures.
  • Ankle and Midfoot sprains.
  • Runners Knee.
  • ITB issues.
  • Piriformis Syndrome.
  • Lower back strains.
  • various other stress injuries in lower extremity.

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By: Lisa M. Schoene, DPM, ATC