Rehabilitative Care and Physical Therapy

Our office offers these services at both offices:

  • Massage therapy
  • Physical Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Strength Evaluation and sport specific training
  • Biomechanical foot and lower extremity evaluations
  • Orthotic foot devices (custom and semi custom) fabrication
  • Shoe fitting and evaluation
  • Gait and posture evaluation 
  • Dance specific exercise therapies
  • Dance shoe examination and modifications
  • Brace fitting and Sporting good supplies 
  • Physical therapy needling treatments


These are rehabilitative therapy treatments  that can reduce pain, and swelling. They decrease inflammation, increase blood flow, and improve soft tissue elasticity and function.  Different modalities can be used in the acute or chronic phases of injury or for post surgical care.

Our office offers:

  • LITECURE”, cutting edge and above all other lasers, class IV laser therapy treatments
  • Ultrasound
  • Electric stimulation
  • Iontophoresis,  ( in Home models)
  • Tens units ( in Home models)
  • Interferential therapies,
  • Microcurrent therapies.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage can be very helpful to promote tissue healing, reduce muscle stresses, improve blood flow, improve tissue pliability and energy flow. There are many various techniques that can be used for specific issues and in conjunction with other therapy or holistic treatments. Both our offices have licensed massage therapists. Massage therapy will improve the rate at which the injury or condition resolves. We can incorporate it into a well rounded sports rehab program for runners attempting to recover quickly enough to run a scheduled race.

Strength Training

Regular strength training 2-3 times per week will greatly improve overall muscle function, balance, and posture. When overuse or traumatic injury results from imbalances of the strength or flexibility of the lower extremity, it is imperative to improve it.  We can design a strength program to target the areas that need improvement.  Continual strength work will reduce lower extremity injuries.

Flexibility exercises

Flexibility varies from person to person. Even slight improvement will help to decrease the rate of injury. It is important to do flexibility exercises regularly. Our Doctors and Physical Therapists offer full rehabilitation and conditioning treatment programs with our doctors and licensed Physical Therapists.  We can help the everyday athlete, the budding dancer, or the assembly line worker, improve their strength, balance and flexibility to prevent further issues.