Nutritional and Hormonal Testing

Although very subtle at times, the nutritional integrity of each patient is very important for good physical, mental and emotional health.  When compromised poor nutrition may predispose a patient to acute injury, or prevent  recovery from a chronic injury. When patients have chronic illness, poor immune response, recurring injury patterns, and slowed recovery times, nutritional evaluation is relevant. Our office offers complete regular and  intracellular nutritional testing for a look at vitamin and mineral levels. One of our specialized laboratories has extensive  Lipid profile tests that, analyzes the traditional HDL and LDL and triglyceride testing into deeper more detailed reviews.. This test is important for anyone who has heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or who has a strong family history of heart disease. This special lab and testing uses the patient’s whole blood cells rather than traditional serum testing. When the whole blood cell is used, it reveals a very accurate evaluation of the true levels of the vitamins and minerals. Combining various lab tests can allow us to make proper suggestions on diet and supplementation, and to help the patient attain long term nutritional recovery. Occasional retesting can ensure that proper nutritional steps have been taken. 

In additional to regular blood testing, there are various types of laboratories that perform hormonal, nutritional and food allergy testing. Some are blood, and some are saliva tests. Our doctors can test for various conditions including hormonal panels. Two hormone glands that we evaluate are the Thyroid and Adrenal glands.  When they become disrupted and dysfunctional, they will cause problems and symptoms that can cause major issues in the body. After testing  if necessary, we can make adjustments to diet, health, proper sleep, stress levels, supplements and exercise. We can discuss all the lab values with your primary care physician, and we have a network of referring physicians that we work with to ensure proper care.