Dance Medicine

In Chicago and Park City, IL

Extensive experience with dance medicine in the Chicago and Park City, IL

Dr Schoene has extensive experience with dance medicine in the Chicago and Northern IL area. She takes a special interest in dancers of all types, from young dancers, attempting pointe work, to professional dancers. For over 16 years she has been a consultant, has covered performances back stage, given lectures, preformed medical screenings, and has taught proper lower extremity strengthening exercises for many Chicago dance companies and studios, which includes The Joffrey Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance, Inaside Chicago Dance, Ballet Chicago, Elements Contemporary Ballet, Chicago Tap Theatre, and many others. She has covered back stage for Theater shows for Broadway in Chicago performances too. .
Dance Medicine Podiatrist Who Lectures And TeachesDr. Schoene is a regular teacher, lecturer nationally and internationally, and author on many dance topics. She has authored a chapter on Dance, in a sports medicine textbook, and was a contributor to the recently revised “Parents Guide To Beginning Pointe” book by Russian Pointe. She attends many Dance Medicine specialty seminars and is a member of the association “International Association for Dance Medicine and Science”. Dr. Schoene feels strongly that the Chicago area has top notch dance culture, with varied companies, and has been on dance company boards, has donated her time in many capacities, and has helped many dance companies with their financial needs as well to continue to serve this community and movement.


 In depth dance evaluations and dance based treatment plans for Dancer Injuries


Since statistics prove that dancers have a very high incidence (over 85%) of lower extremity injuries, it is important for the dancer to receive an in depth dance evaluation and dance based treatment plan. For the dancers she treats, Dr. Schoene strives to get them back to classes and performance quickly, while stressing the importance of conditioning, prevention and proper treatment. Dr. Schoene feels education for all injuries is very important, and should always accompany any treatment plan.


Dr Lisa M Schoene Dance Medicine Podiatrist


After thorough evaluation, Dr. Schoene will recommend many types of treatment modalities, including physical therapy, massage therapy, shoe gear changes, sometimes Orthotic devices to help support and guide the foot while in street shoes, is just what the dancers foot and lower extremity needs to maintain proper form, relief from stresses of dancing, and to assist tired and achy feet and legs. Many suggestions are given for managing the injury even while the dancer continues to work and perform. All of this is done with aggressive but conservative measures.

Dance Medicine Services:

  • Dancer specific lower extremity evaluations.
  • Extended new patient appointment times.
  • Communication with all dance teaching & artistic staff.
  • Dance specific exercise prescription and therapy.
  • Dance shoe evaluation and street shoe suggestions.
  • Orthotics for lower extremity stress relief.
  • Company Intensive, and dance workshop lecture presentations.
  • Back Stage Dance performance coverage.
  • In Studio Injury Screenings.


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